How to get laid without commitments

Are you looking to get laid but not interested in pursuing anyone? Do not worry, many people are in the same boat as you! However, you need to figure out how to get laid without hurting anyone’s feelings about no commitment. To help you out, here is a quick list of ways you can get laid without committing to anyone!


Perhaps the easiest way to get laid without being committed to a person is by hiring an escort. Escorts offer company to people as a job, so they are used to not being committed or attached to the people that they work with. As such, you should have no problem if you are with an escort for a night.

A Detroit escort offers a variety of services, so be sure to casually ask her what services she offers first. She may get offended if you outright ask her for sex. 

Midsection of unrecognizable young woman in panties.

Friends With Benefits

Another great way to get laid with 0 commitment is by getting some friends with benefits. Friends with benefits are people that you know that you can sleep with, but promise each other not to develop feelings for, do things like couples would, etc. Therefore, the relationship is mainly just for fun.

However, you need to be careful about who you select to be a friend with benefits. Not all people can hold up their end of the bargain, so they may wind up developing feelings for you. You need to make sure it is someone you do not regularly see or interact with.

Moreover, you need to limit your contact with them as much as possible when you do see them. You both have agreed to be friends with benefits for a reason, so do not let them sleepover, watch a movie together, make them breakfast, etc. These are all gestures that a couple would do, so avoid doing things like this at all cost.

One Night Stands

Another great way to get laid fast is to find a one night stand. However, you need to find someone who will consensually let you have a one night stand with them, so you may have to do a bit of “hunting.” For instance, you can visit a popular night club or bar to meet other single people that may be willing to go with you.

It is important to stay safe if you choose to have a one night stand. Ideally, you should book a hotel or motel instead of bringing a stranger home because you do not know what could happen. More importantly, you should wear some form of protection since you just met the person and do not know anything about them.

All in All

It is totally possible to have sex without dating or being in a relationship. You just need to know how to avoid commitment and hurting people’s feelings. You can follow the list of ideas above to find ways to easily get laid without committing to someone!